Bricoma also targets new strategy with 17th store

The opening of its 17th store also marks a strategic restructuring for the Moroccan DIY store operator Bricoma: the holding has entered the commercial property business through its subsidiary FC2B. Because the 17th Bricoma store, with a retail space of 2 000 m², is located in the new Ryad Square Shopping Center on the outskirts of the capital Rabat. The Bricoma group has invested MAD 220 mio (EUR 20.4 mio) in the project. It expects that 15 companies from the sectors of furnishings, children and fashion as well as gastronomy will lease units in the 15 000 m² shopping centre. They are expected to attract around three million visitors per year and thus ensure annual sales of MAD 650 mio (EUR 60.2 mio). Around 750 jobs are expected to be created directly, more than 4 000 indirectly.
The new business field also has a strategic function internally, according to a press statement: Bricoma wants to manage the transformation of the company from a family structure to an institutional organisation in line with international standards. In the DIY business, Bricoma is planning to extend its branch network to 20 locations.