@arexonsitalia: Arexons: Arexons, since1925 the Italian leading brand for car care and #DIY. #experiencetoperform #madeinitaly #innovation #quality #performance #carcare @diysummit

Guaranteeing performance, protecting value.

For 90 years Arexons has been taking care of our most precious belongings, preserving engines, machinery, and surfaces over time, defending the performance, the monetary and the sentimental value of our property.
Arexons products make day-to-day maintenance easier and safer, making it possible for millions of people to prevent or fix problems.
Arexons is a story of leadership that began in the automotive sector and then expanded to motorbikes, to the marine industry, to industrial maintenance and finally to home maintenance.
Today Arexons fulfills the demands of people with very diverse, specific requirements.

  • Technicians in the automotive repairs and maintenance sector. Mechanics, auto body mechanics, service station, and car wash managers, tire repairmen.
    Interlocutors who depend on Arexons products to do a good job and earn the trust of their customers.
  • Industrial maintenance professionals, laborers in building sites and engineers that work in the most advanced sectors. People who constantly require cutting-edge solutions to compete on the market.
  • And lastly, tradesmen, plumbers, maintenance technicians, enthusiasts, hobbyists and all of us who take care of our home and belongings.
    A very broad group of people that asks for professional results with easy and safe products.

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