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Welcome to the 10th Global DIY-Summit, a hallmark event in the world of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators! Under the overarching theme of “Embracing Change in DIY – How to Thrive in the Never Normal,” this summit marks a significant milestone in fostering discussions, sharing insights, and exploring the evolving landscape of the DIY sector. As we convene for this milestone edition, the spotlight is on adaptation, innovation, and resilience in a rapidly transforming world.

The DIY industry has always been about empowerment, creativity, and self-reliance, but today, it faces an unprecedented era of change. The 10th Global DIY-Summit serves as a pivotal platform for industry pioneers to navigate this “Never Normal” landscape, discussing strategies, tools, and mindsets essential to not just surviving but flourishing amidst constant change. From technological advancements reshaping consumer behaviors to sustainability becoming a cornerstone of DIY practices, this event will delve into the core elements reshaping the industry’s future.

Throughout this summit, participants will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse array of keynote speakers, thought leaders, and influencers. Their insights will offer a panoramic view of the latest trends, disruptive innovations, and best practices that can redefine how businesses operate and serve the ever-evolving needs of DIY enthusiasts worldwide. Moreover, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and networking sessions are set to empower attendees with actionable takeaways, fostering collaborations and partnerships that drive positive change in the DIY sphere.

With a decade-long legacy, the 10th Global DIY-Summit promises to be an immersive experience where participants will gain invaluable knowledge, forge meaningful connections, and chart a course to not just adapt but excel in the dynamic, ever-changing DIY landscape. Join us in embracing change, unlocking opportunities, and shaping the future of the DIY industry!

The Global DIY Summit is present in the following countries:

The Global DIY Summit is present in the following countries:

Most of the delegates are top managers from 6 main target groups:

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