The start of June saw the world’s most important event in the DIY, home improvement and garden sector take place; The 8th Global DIY-Summit. The Global DIY-Summit is the principal meeting place of the DIY, home improvement and garden industry, and this, the 8th edition, once again cemented the essential role the Global DIY-Summit plays in bringing the industry together, with delegates once again leaving the event with an excellent impression overall.

Solutions for do-it-yourself business collaboration

The World’s Most Important Event for the Do-It-Yourself Sector

The 8thGlobal DIY-Summit took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The buzzing capital mixes royal history, modern architecture, an abundance of culture, and is world renowned for its appreciation of sustainable living. With approximately 900 delegates from 55 countries attending the congress, this was the chief gathering of the decision makers in the industry, and the first reunion of these decision makers in three years. However, it was not just the decision makers meeting in Copenhagen, but also the trend setters and interlocutors – the Global DIY news.

The new normal: Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World

The focal theme of the 8th Global DIY-Summit was “THE NEW NORMAL – Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World”. We have all experienced the turbulent period of covid-19, which has dominated recent years, as well as its knock-on effects on supply chains. However, it is vital that these hurdles are not isolated. Considering the myriad of external and internal pressures, the DIY, home improvement and garden industry has to act now to ensure its relevancy and success moving forwards.

How is the DIY market evolving

Personalization for an excellent customer experience

Internationally renowned speakers gave outstanding and thought-provoking presentations on a variety of pertinent topics, including one of the most highly rated sessions on personalization for an excellent customer experience, highlighting the importance of personalizing the customer experience.

How is the DIY market evolving?

Another topic discussed was how the DIY market is evolving, with trends in home improvement products and retailing, digital solutions in do-it-yourself, and the future of the home improvement industry all touched upon by speakers from the likes of Google and Meta sharing how these companies view the digital landscape moving forwards.

Personalization for an excellent customer experience

Solutions for do-it-yourself business collaboration

Naturally, one of the areas discussed and debated in depth was solutions for do-it-yourself and home improvement business collaboration. The industry is waking up to the fact success is generated through collaboration. Open innovation for the future of business and the advantages of open innovation for companies were presented by AkzoNobel and Jamie Anderson, once again highlighting the necessity of a strategy to seek new ideas with internal and external collaboration.

Corporate social responsibility in the do-it-yourself sector

Being in Copenhagen, the global capital of sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility in the do-it-yourself sector was also a topic of discussion. In this regard, the 8th Global DIY-Summit also saw the law of “THE DIY LEGACY PROJECT” with the goal of “Creating A Sustainable Future Together”. Through promoting sustainable standards and initiatives amongst the industry, the Global DIY-Summit aims to foster and encourage collaborative sustainability in the DIY, home improvement and garden centre sectors. Moreover, three speakers held keynotes on Environmental management in the do-it-yourself sector, “The Age of Responsibility” and “Putting Purpose at the Heart of your Business”.

Corporate social responsibility in the do-it-yourself sector

The 8th Global DIY-Summit represented the reunion of the industry and its stakeholders after three long years. The opportunity to meet, network, exchange ideas and discuss the future of the industry was relished by all delegates, who are already looking forward to the next and 9th edition of the Global DIY-Summit, taking place in Berlin from the 14 to the 16 June 2023. In addition to this, on Friday the 2nd of September the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit will be taking place, with a one day programme focused on the most important themes and topics that the industry is encountering.



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