Following the continued spread of the Covid-19 outbreak around the world, the high number of infections that persist, as well as the delays seen in the distribution of the vaccines, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the 8th Global DIY-Summit. Further information about the new date will be available in the coming weeks. Download the Official Statement from HIMA and EDRA/GHIN Presidents.

The guidance of various health and safety organizations and our commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of our community has necessitated this shift. In debating this postponement, we carefully considered input from many of our sponsors, attendees and speakers, as well as the impact of continued corporate travel restrictions seen across the home improvement industry.

By holding the Global DIY-Summit at a later date we will be in the best position to deliver our event at full capacity, offering our delegates and partners the high value that we aim to achieve at each of our events. We are working hard to transition our sponsors, attendees, and speakers to the new dates, and we expect the next Global DIY-Summit to be the most eagerly anticipated and best event we have ever held.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic the Global DIY Summit launched the Global DIY-Network in October 2020. The Global DIY-Network is a global virtual platform which brings together all stakeholders in the home improvement industry and gives delegates the opportunity to network and share best practices throughout the year.

All sponsorship agreements – including conference tickets – for the 8th Global DIY-Summit 2021 will automatically be valid for the rescheduled event. Therefore, you do not need to do anything. From today on, we will start working hard to do all the preparations that are necessary to be able to deliver an event with the quality standards you are expecting from us.

This way all partners will not be affected by this decision and will enjoy the full service at a later date, including the Global DIY-Network. This online service allows all delegates and partners to attend webinars, masterclasses, download studies, contact and schedule 1:1 video calls with other attendees.

We are sure you will understand that we are going through an extraordinary situation worldwide and that we are doing exceptional efforts to continue creating value for you through our services.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Best regards,

John W. Herbert
Chairman & Co-Founder

Ralf Rahmede
Chairman & Co-Founder

Iñaki Maillard
General Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have booked a hotel room at your recommended hotels, how can I cancel it?
If you have booked a room through any of the links on our website, your room will be automatically cancelled. If you booked directly at the hotel, you will need to cancel separately. No cancellation charges will apply.

I was due to attend the 8th Global DIY-Summit in June 2021 – do I need to do anything to ensure my ticket is valid for the rescheduled event?
All tickets for the 8th Global DIY-Summit 2021 will automatically be valid for the rescheduled event – you don’t need to do anything. Please expect an email communication in the coming weeks which will provide you with more information.




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