10:00 CEST on Friday the 2nd of September will see the start of the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit, with a packed programme that is sure to engage all stakeholders in the industry. As the DIY, Home Improvement and Garden sector is changing so dramatically, at a pace never seen before, the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit will give viewers the chance to learn about the upcoming challenges and opportunities in the industry through an additional, and complimentary, online conference.

Registration to the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit can be completed at https://diysummit.org/virtual-diy-summit/.



As mentioned above, the sector is now changing more rapidly than ever. We are in an Age of Uncertainty. As Ken Hughes highlighted at the 8th Global DIY-Summit in Copenhagen, we are now in a “Never Normal” as there is no longer a “norm” we should be returning to.

Do-it-yourself in the COVID era saw dramatic changes for the industry, with people implored to stay at home to slow the spread of the pandemic. The impact of the pandemic on the do-it-yourself sector cannot be understated; but there are new challenges on the horizon. The war in Ukraine, supply chain constraints, the ongoing Great Resignation, necessity of sustainability and the impact of DIY and technology on the industry are all factors that are already being felt globally. How can we respond to these challenges, whilst making the most of these opportunities? These questions will be asked, answered, and debated at the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit.

Registration to the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit

The Programme of the The 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit

The Opening Session of the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit will see Michael Grampp, Chief Economist & Research Director at Deloitte Switzerland, present a Global Political and Economic Overview, which will be especially interesting considering the inflation rates seen across the world and impending cost of living crisis.

This will be followed by a Keynote from outgoing OBI Group CEO Sergio Giroldi. Sergio Giroldi, having been the CEO of Germany’s leading home improvement retailer for 20 years, is more familiar with the industry than many, and will be sharing his thoughts on the Future Challenges of the Home Improvement Industry.

The Opening Session will be concluded with a round table discussion with two suppliers (Gardena and AkzoNobel) and two retailers (Bunnings and Byko) sharing their thoughts, initiatives, and visions on Sustainability in the Home Improvement Sector.

With the packed programme, the next session will start with Nick Stene, Senior Industry Manager, Global Head of Home & Garden at Euromonitor, presenting the topic of DIY in 2022 and Decision Making when Instability is the only Constant.

Industry icon Jim Inglis will then interview Andreas Schobert, Chief Technology Officer at Hornbach Baumarkt AG, on the future of E-commerce in the Home Improvement Industry. The final session prior to the wrap-up will be held by international renowned speaker Chris Roebuck on Overcoming Uncertainty, beating the Great Resignation, Optimising Hybrid and Delivering Success in 3 Simple Steps. 

With the Motte “Visions of DIY in the Age of Uncertainty”, the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit will be once again present an online event highlighting the challenges and opportunities that lay in store for the industry.

Be sure to register and join us on the 2nd of September from 10:00 – 13:10 CEST , for a packed programme of keynotes and presentations from thought-leaders, internationally renowned speakers and industry figureheads sharing their insights into the DIY, home improvement and garden industry.




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