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From paper and cardboard to leather, fabric and wood; from concrete and porcelain to metal and plastic, there is virtually nothing that cannot be glued by the products of Bolton Adhesives. With sales in over 125 countries worldwide, Bolton Adhesives develops products that fulfill every adhesive need at home, in the office, at school and for do-it-yourself and professional purposes. Global thinking combined with local knowledge guarantees a successful market approach.

Bolton Adhesives’ distinctive brands have built a solid reputation worldwide: UHU is a worldwide well-known A-Brand in adhesives and Bison is synonymous with adhesives and sealants in many European countries, as is Bostik for Italy. Griffon is specialist in PVC cements in the professional market. Bolton Adhesives is more than just adhesives: Air Max moisture absorbers are leaders in several European countries.

Bolton Adhesives’ vast product portfolio includes all purpose glues, glue sticks, super glues, mounting & wood adhesives, wallpaper adhesives, PVC adhesives, sealants and moisture absorbers. Innovation is one of the pillars of Bolton Adhesives. Our state of the art R&D departments and production facilities play a key role in our innovation process. Gaining consumer preference and confidence via effective communication is one of our main goals.

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Bolton Adhesives
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