Workshop Global Home Improvement Insights

Expand into new global markets – Where to start and how to develop your business?

Strategic decisions should not be made on good-feeling but should be profoundly supported by data. Driven by the changing consumers and purchases channels, organizations in the DIY industry are investing in exploring their customer journeys.

However, the main challenge is in interpreting results and to know which insights are needed for your strategic management. During the workshop we show customer journey analytics which can help you to take decision based on the changing orientation of the consumer. Also we explain which market indicators are monitored by most organizations and why.

IFH and Gfk will carry out this workshop together. On the one hand side, the IFH will put more emphasis on the European countries comparison and outcomes for respective expansion strategies based on its sales volumes and distribution channels database. On the other hand, GfK will present a more global view of any strategic expansion project in the Home Improvement industry. In contrast to the approach of GFK, bottom-up from the player and consumers in the global market, IFH will give an overview of the European Markets from a top-down perspective based on official statistcs.

Who will be conducting the workshop?

Franck Thureau, Global Director of Home and Living at GfK, will explore the purchase journey of the “Connected Consumer”. Using various retail audit data from across emerging and mature markets, he will explain the “what” and “where” of consumer experiences on that journey. He will also deliver key insights for how to better understand and anticipate the behavior of the new Connected Consumer.

Boris Hedde, has been Managing Director of IFH Köln since 2009. He had previously spent more than 10 years in market research, specializing in brands and communication. Today he is a sought-after expert for marketing and sales topics within the retail and wholesale sector. IFH’s team of retail, wholesale and analytical experts he serves companies, associations and service providers in the fields of comprehending market trends, understanding customer behavior as well as creating sales and expansion related strategies.

What can you expect from the workshop?

A clear picture and understanding of:

  • what a retail audit panel can deliver – from the Universe Count to client reporting
  • the value of the Universe Count and its analytics, especially in emerging markets
  • the moving lines between the retail and trade channels
  • offline, online, click and mortar, pure internet specialists, internet generalists and omni-channel, as well as what intelligence we can provide to help you build your e-strategy
  • key account data release for better business solutions
  • sector, category and product feature trends, as well as long- and mid-term development tactics in the Home Improvement and Garden sector (featuring examples from electric water heaters in India to programmable thermostats in France, with a special analysis of robot lawn mowers across Germany, Sweden and the UK)
  • how to make the best use of retail audit data
  • point-of-sale analytics, promotions, price tagging and advertising campaign efficiency
  • the Connected Consumer
  • the new shopping experience
  • the future of retail or the new key battlegrounds of retail: convenience, choice, price and experience

Within the workshop Boris Hedde will provide market insights on international DIY and home improvement markets. Based on the expansion database of IFH he will outline market trends, differences and chances with regards to assortment, market volumes and distribution channels in Europe.

Key Questions

  1. What are general market trends in the DIY categories in Europe?
  2. How do assortment categories perform internationally and by markets?
  3. Which sales format is in favor with regards to the assortments?
  4. How well do distribution channels perform internationally?
  5. Which markets include biggest chances or risks with regards on market trends?

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Location: Maritim Hotel Berlin Date: June 7, 2017 Time: 15:00 - 18:00 Boris Hedde
IFH Köln
Franck Thureau