Garden – Great Business Opportunities

An Overview of a Promising Industry

11:35 – 11:55 | Gardening the Future

by Dr. Sebastian Gundel, Managing Director Customer Offer & Corporate Marketing, OBI, Germany

The garden is the part of the home where customers love to spend time, develop and individualize it according to their wishes. Many projects are more “”fun and can do”” than “”maintenance and must do””. But still customers are facing many barriers to get their projects done. How can we enable customers to make their garden projects come true? How must we design the offer to be compelling and to serve the customers along their entire journey? Obi has re-invented the offer of garden projects combining both, strength of online and offline experience in order to serve consumer needs.

11:55 – 12:15 | Garden – Our New Living Room

by Christian May, Managing Director Retail Channels Alfred Kärcher, Germany

In the past years the outdoors and especially the garden became important living areas. We all strive for places to enjoy and to relax body and soul. That given, convenience in cleaning and smart solutions to keep everything in perfect condition are requested. We are working on such solutions to achieve the maximum result, both in cleaning and convenience, to create beautiful places all around the house. With innovative cleaning products we help to keep up with the job to have everything in perfect order.
Kärcher makes a difference – also in the garden.

12:15 – 12:40 | The Changing Garden Landscape

by David Domoney, Chartered Horticulturalist and Broadcaster, Domoney Ltd., UK

Session Summary

Garden centres have become a large part of the retail landscape. In Germany, for example, sales from the gardening departments in DIY retail stores represent 25% of their total turnover. Moreover, British consumers spend on average £5 billion a year in domestic garden centres. Analysts predict a rosy future for the gardening market in North America and Europe due to a fast growth in private home owning, older and more affluent populations, and good economic prospects. In summary, the garden industry is an attractive one and can be characterised as a mature market with stable growth.

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Location: Conference Room Date: June 9, 2017 Time: 11:35 - 12:40 Sebastian Gundel
Christian May
David Domoney